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Looking after your mental health during Covid-19

With the world experiencing significant disruption as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many of us will find ourselves feeling stressed or anxious. 

It is really important to look after your mental health in these uncertain times. If you are working from home or self-isolating, you may be missing your normal routine and wondering how you can incorporate safe and healthy habits into your life.  

Here’s our list of the ways we can all prioritise our mental health during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Fresh air and good exercise 

No one enjoys being cooped up indoors and simply getting outside to enjoy some fresh air does wonders for your mood. Make sure that you step outside every day, even if it is just for a short walk in a park or field.  

Exercise is vital to maintaining good mental health – getting endorphins flowing through your body will keep you positive. You may need to change from your preferred style of exercise – this is the perfect opportunity to try Couch to 5k or pull your bike out of storage for a quick cycle.  

Natural views and inspiring landscapes 

Our environment has a huge impact on our wellbeing and inspiring natural views have real health benefits. Just viewing natural images for a few minutes per day can decrease stress levels and improve focus.  

If possible, get out into nature and go for a walk in your local area. We will be taking advantage of the many excellent walking paths around Kenmore. Or, if you are self-isolating and can’t get outside, why not check out Instagram for restorative and inspiring views – Hidden Scotland features some fantastic photography and we post some beautiful shots of Loch Tay and Ben Lawers on the Taymouth Marina Instagram.  

Plan future adventures

Just now is a great time to plan your future adventures. Once restrictions are relaxed, why not take the chance to try out a new activity? Have you ever tried Munro-bagging? Scotland’s landscape is covered in dramatic mountains (Munros) and climbing them is known as ‘Munro-bagging’. You’ll meet very few other people on the way up, and the views from the top are always worth the challenging hike. 

If walking isn’t your idea of fun, what about swimming? Scotland’s lochs are great places to escape for a day trip to their calming waters. You could try stand-up paddle boarding for the first time – paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular in Scotland. Paddling your way across the flat surface of a lake is great fun – and very peaceful!  

New to water sports? Don’t worry, we have fun water sports equipment to hire such as open kayaks that are perfect for novices and a fun way to explore the Loch and the nearby island. Once restrictions are lifted, our expert team will be on hand to demonstrate how to start your water adventure safely. Find out more about the water sports on Loch Tay

Technology detox 

The constant news cycle can get even the most cheerful people down. Keeping up to date with the latest developments can be exhausting – we all have to take a break sometimes.  

Consider taking time out of your day to go phone-free and immerse yourself in an activity. Whether you are curling up somewhere private with a book without distracting pings from your phone or setting out for an hour-long walk with just your thoughts and the natural sounds of the world around you, unplugging for a while can be the best way to relieve your worries. 

Stay in touch 

Now more than ever it’s important to keep in touch with our loved ones. Reach out to people you’ve fallen out of contact with, or phone your best friends and your family members more often. If you feel comfortable, try to use video calls rather than just audio, as you will feel a more immediate connection – it can be reassuring to see your loved ones, even when they are far away from you.  

Taymouth Marina 

While our facilities remain closed at present, we look forward to welcoming guests again once restrictions have been lifted. We are currently taking bookings for future visits, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a stay later this year. 

If you would like to arrange a future stay at Taymouth Marina, view our accommodation or contact us 

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