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Embracing Sustainability: A Journey Towards An Eco-Friendly Marina…

In the pursuit of creating a greener and more sustainable future, businesses across various industries are taking conscious steps towards adopting eco-friendly practices. Today, we are proud to showcase our commitment to sustainability at our establishment – Taymouth Marina. From housekeeping to spa facilities, and even transportation, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint in every aspect of our operation.

Housekeeping Innovations:

At the forefront of our sustainable housekeeping practices is Gary, our dedicated housekeeping manager. Gary introduced our revolutionary RTU (Ready-to-Use) sachet cleaning products to our housekeeping routine. These vegan, organic products minimise packaging waste and promote eco-friendly cleaning practices. By utilising mixing sachets and reusable bottles, we significantly reduce single-use plastic waste and water consumption. Thanks to Gary’s forward thinking, our housekeeping department has become a shining example of sustainable practices within the industry.

Sustainable Spa Experiences:

Our spa manager, Emma, has been instrumental in integrating sustainability into our spa facilities. In line with our owner’s ethos, we have embraced natural heating methods for our sauna, reducing our reliance on electricity. By utilising natural fires instead, we not only create a unique and authentic spa experience but also minimise our environmental impact. Additionally, we have recently introduced the locally sourced and sustainable Laura Thomas toiletries range, ensuring that our guests can indulge in luxurious and eco-friendly self-care rituals during their stay.

Harnessing Nature’s Power:

Located in the picturesque Highlands, we are blessed with the beauty of Loch Tay. To enhance the ambiance of our spa and Ferrymans area, we have natural fire pits. This not only adds to the atmosphere but also acts as a natural midge repellent, allowing our guests to fully enjoy the stunning surroundings. Our maintenance staff play a crucial role in maintaining these natural features, ensuring they are always ready to provide a unique experience for our guests.

Electricity Re-evaluation:

As our resort continues to grow so has our electricity usage, in order to try and combat this we have re-evaluated all of our resort lighting for example, changing the timers to only be activated in full darkness and making sure all apartment lighting remains turned off when not occupied by adding to our daily resort checks. By making these small but important changes we have already cut our consumption by 20%.

Deliciously Sustainable Dining:

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our culinary offerings as well. We take pride in our natural firewood pizza oven, which allows our talented team of chefs, led by head chef Billy, to create mouthwatering dishes using sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. By embracing natural cooking methods, we reduce our reliance on electricity and contribute to the preservation of our environment. We have also began to grow our own herbs like rosemary and garlic and are currently looking into beehives to place around resort.

Driving Towards a Green Future:

Recognising the importance of sustainable transportation, we have installed an electric charging point on-site. This official Tesla charging point not only caters to electric vehicles but also welcomes hybrids. Our sustainability specialist, ensures compliance with car charging standards and drives our efforts to adopt greener transportation options. Furthermore, we are actively exploring the possibility of incorporating electric vehicles into our company fleet.

Innovative Solutions: Houseboats and Mini Solar Panels:

Looking to the future, we are exploring innovative solutions to further enhance sustainability on our premises. The introduction of houseboats featuring mini solar panels is one such endeavour. Led by Marc Macbey, this initiative aims to reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and provide guests with a unique and eco-friendly accommodation option.

At our establishment, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is an integral part of our current and future identity. With the contributions of dedicated staff members like Gary, Emma, Chris, Darren, Paul, Billy, Marc and Laura, we are making significant strides towards creating an eco-friendly and responsible hospitality experience. As we continue on this journey, we look forward to introducing even more innovative and sustainable practices, ensuring that our guests can enjoy a memorable stay while contributing to a greener future.

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