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The Incredible Benefits of Hot & Cold Therapy.

If you’re seeking a peaceful retreat, some time to catch your breath and let the stressors of the outside world slip away then look no further than our world renowned HotBox Spa at Taymouth Marina

Spa time is not only a terrific way to relax and revitalise, but it also has a number of hidden advantages that you may not be aware of that will ensure an experience you will never forget.

The Benefits of Spa Sessions… 

While it’s common knowledge that spas are a place to unwind and escape the daily grind, The Hot Box spa provides a variety of overall health, wellness, and relaxation advantages. 

It’s set on the picturesque banks of Loch Tay which shares some of the most spectacular views around, simply taking some time to soak up the scenery can calm your thoughts and help bring a sense of perspective to things! We literally bring you as close as possible to nature and the outdoors but in the most luxe and comfortable surroundings. 

Here are just some of the hidden advantages available to you at our stunning Scottish Spa… 

Enhance Your Cardiovascular Health… 

You might expect to sweat profusely when you enter a sauna or a spa, but did you realise that this rise in body temperature has heart health benefits? 

According to studies, the increased body temperature induced by saunas helps blood to move more freely inside the skin, which improves cardiac function. Regular sauna usage, according to studies, may lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and provide equal health advantages as a gym session. 

Assist In The Relief Of Aches And Pains… 

It turns out that frequent sauna sessions might help with symptoms related with musculoskeletal illnesses like osteoarthritis. 

A spa session can also be the answer to those nagging headaches. According to recent research when chronic headache patients visit a hot and cold spa on a regular basis, the severity of their headaches decrease dramatically. 

Improved Circulation

On the physical level, both hot and cold spa treatments might help to improve circulation. This is due to the fact that hot and cold temperatures promote circulation in two separate ways. Heat increases circulation through dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow to the skin. Cold temperatures, on the other hand, induce blood to flow away from the skin and toward the essential organs. As a result, hot and cold spa treatments may improve circulation in all regions of the body, from the skin to the essential organs. 

Boost Your Overall Health… 

Saunas provide psychological advantages too due to the production of mood-enhancing endorphins in our bodies. More than ever we have so much outward distraction that our brains can find it extremely difficult to fully switch off as our bodies are frequently running on adrenaline and stress. 

Those who attended spas on a regular basis said that they were able to focus more clearly, practice a much better quality of relaxation, felt more motivated and positive and that their sleep quality improved after each session.

Steps To Making The Most Of Your Spa Visit…

If you’ve never been to a spa before, you may be wondering what to anticipate when you step through those doors. Before visiting a spa, conduct some preliminary research on the spa. 

Learning about the unique advantages of the various spa treatments and baths they provide can help you feel more at ease and knowledgeable of what to anticipate. Keep in mind that this is a time for you to rest completely away from your busy routine, allowing you to completely recharge so after you’ve snapped a pic or two pop those phones away and let the water get to work. 

At the HotBox we have a sauna, steam room, hot jacuzzi pool, cold water buckets and a slide directly into the loch. You’ll find your own routine but we recommend immersing in some heat for 1 – 3 minutes then immediately follow with a 1 minute cold water dip. Repeat as many times as you wish.

You can then find your favourite spot and spend some time taking the full experience in.

(Do make sure to consult your doctor if you have any health ailments of conditions.)

Try Out The HotBox Spa For Yourself 

We’d love for you to visit us and experience just how therapeutic our spa can be. You will take advantage of the accessible hot/cold/relax cycle, as well as all of those incredible hidden advantages above.

It really is the most magical spot to melt away the daily pressures and strains of our busy lives. 

As well as enjoying the beauty that surrounds you we also have a delicious menu for you to indulge in as well as some carefully curated drinks too. Fresh fruit water, cake a fruit are a complimentary gift from us.

If you’d like to take your experience to the next level we have a small selection of beautiful spa products available designed and created by Rento. Slippers and robes are also available for hire.

We do get booked up extremely quickly so always recommend that you reserve your session as far in advance as possible. 

(We are delighted to include one free session for anyone who books *accommodation with us).

If you’d like to visit us simply click on the link below and we shall look forward to welcoming you soon!

*Resident Sessions – These sessions shall be complimentary from the 7th of March 2022. You may choose between 2 sessions either 10am-12pm or 12.30pm-2.30pm. Your personal link to book your session shall be emailed upon full accommodation payment. Advance booking is necessary. This offer does not include our White Tower accommodation.

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