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Winter wellness tips

Winter is fast approaching, and in Highland Perthshire, we are no strangers to cold climates. As temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, a lot of us tend to feel gloomier, and our personal wellbeing can take a hit. 

During winter, it can be tempting to hide indoors, watch tv and eat our weight in chocolate – and whilst that’s not a bad idea every now and then, taking the time to practice wellness techniques will mean you are much better able to cope with the cold winter months. 

If you’d like to practice winter wellness, then here are some tips to see you through to summer…

Get up early 

Believe us, we’d like nothing more than to stay in bed all day during winter, but sleeping in late too often can make us feel unproductive. Getting up early gives you a little extra time each day to focus on your wellbeing – whether that’s pouring yourself a coffee and reading a chapter of your latest book, meditating or even getting out for a jog.

In winter, when our moods tend to be at their lowest, set yourself up for a positive day by getting up early and achieving something even before you head out to work.

Get outdoors

Getting enough vitamin D is so important for us, as it keeps our bones strong and protects our immune system. Sunshine strengthens our bones and boosts our mood – the trouble is, there’s just not enough of it to go around in the winter months. 

The NHS recommends taking additional vitamin D supplements during winter, but it’s also important to ensure that you are getting enough of this vitamin from natural sources. If you can, try to make getting outdoors a priority, even if it’s just for half an hour each day. Where possible, try to expose your skin – your face and forearms – to sunlight, to keep your body strong and healthy during winter.

Embrace nature 

Getting outdoors doesn’t just benefit us physically. Connecting with nature does wonders for your mood. Studies have found that getting outdoors and connecting with nature can significantly boost our mood –  yet many of us keep ourselves indoors during winter. 

There are many ways that you can connect with nature. In Highland Perthshire we are blessed with breath-taking views in every direction – from shimmering Loch Tay to our rugged Munros. A stroll, a hike, or, if you’re really brave, a wild swim are all excellent ways to practice winter wellness.

Many of our guests use wild swimming as a natural alternative to hydrotherapy – therapeutic treatments using water at different temperatures to promote wellbeing and reduce feelings of anxiety. PTSD UK recommends hydrotherapy as a means to promote physical and mental relaxation.


If wellness techniques are something you already practice, you will be well aware of how important relaxation can be. Taking the time to disconnect from the stresses of the day can help us to let go of the negative emotions that can be detrimental to our heath. 

Sometimes we tend to view ‘relaxation’ as an activity confined to summer, when we can hop on a plane and kick back on the beach. But the pressures and stresses we face every day don’t come to an end when the clocks go back, so we shouldn’t forget about making time to relax in winter, either. 

Relaxation can take many forms. For us, deep relaxation means unwinding in our natural spa. We have an open air spa with beautiful views of Loch Tay. You can sit in the hot tub or steam room, or unwind in our outdoor hot tub – even if it’s snowing! The contrast between the cold water and the warmth of the spa creates a sense of comfort and safety, where troubles melt away in no time. 

Looking for a place to focus on your winter wellness? Book a stay at Taymouth Marina, where you can embrace nature and unwind in our natural spa. Get in touch today.

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