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Wild Wellness at the HotBox Spa…

Is it time to take a step back, to unwind, to realise that our mental health needs just as much care and attention as the physical? We think it is! If you are feeling like burn out is imminent then read on, we may just be able to offer a little bit of solace in these extraordinary times…

In this busy climate we need to learn to take a little time for ourselves, to slow down.  Our phones and wifi allow us to be constantly connected yet people are lonelier and more distant than ever. According to Google data in 2021 ‘burnout’ searches have been incredibly high, increasing by over 150% from the previous year. The term ‘parental burnout’ was also a breakout topic as pressures on parents grew again particularly in the third lockdown.

A very simple way to overcome this is to become immersed in nature, disconnecting from technology in order to reconnect with ourselves. Spending just 20 minutes connecting with nature can help lower stress hormone levels according to a study carried out in April 2019 by Frontiers in Psychology.

Here in the HotBox Spa at Taymouth Marina, we like to call this Wild Wellness. There is a lesson to be learned from the stunning surroundings of Loch Tay – the quiet strength of the Munro’s, the way the local wildlife lives in harmony and the serenity of the loch itself. Nature makes us feel more alive, present in the moment and better engaged with those around us.

Being here allows you to reconnect with each of your senses and to find gratitude for nature and all it provides to us, without the distractions of work or pinging phones. You can choose to unwind and breathe deeply while out on a paddle board with only the loch surrounding you or allow your tension to escape while sitting in the aspen lined HotBox. 

Our top 5 tips to help you destress are:

  1. Meditation. There are loads of great guided meditations on YouTube or Spotify, but if you are looking to avoid anything digital then just taking some time to sit peacefully, breathing deeply and focusing on all the positives in your life is ideal. Bonus points if you do it outdoors.
  2. Exercise. A proven way to reduce anxiety and unwind. This could be anything from hitting the gym, tackling a munro or a yoga class. Whatever you enjoy.
  3. Pampering. Self care doesn’t always have to be luxury spa visits, it can be a simple face mask at home or a nice bath. However, we find that sitting in the HotBox sauna, looking out over the Loch is a pretty delightful way to pamper yourself.
  4. Organise. Having a clean, clear space for yourself has a huge impact on mental health. It’s not always easy to keep on top of housework when suffering with burnout but setting yourself small chores or tasks daily can help bring focus and the resulting peaceful atmosphere will be so worth it.
  5. Cold Water Therapy. Dunking, dipping or full scale submersion into cold water is known to have many positive health effects both physical and mental. The shock of it seems to reset the nervous system and brings some much needed mental clarity. (Always do this in a safe and secure manner with whatever safety equipment you may need and with company).

So, come and reinvigorate all your senses with a plunge into the icy waters of Loch Tay and find your wild wellness. 

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