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Taymouth Marina – A Foodie’s Heaven

It’s not just sweeping landscapes and lush forests that make our home in Perthshire such a sense-tingling place to visit. During the summer our fields are awash with the reds of fresh strawberries and raspberries - due to the uniquely…

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Christmas at Taymouth Marina

  Picture the scene . . . . A luxury loch-side retreat in Highland Perthshire; not so far from home that you’ll spend the next 48 hours recovering, but far enough to feel like a different world. Maybe you’ve escaped…

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Christmas with Teenagers

Remember when 25 December was all about the school nativity, Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph? If you’re the parent of an older teen those days will be a distant memory but some of these Christmas scenarios may ring…

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Christmas as an Empty Nester

The holiday season sparks warm memories of decorating the tree, special family traditions and opening gifts after weeks of anticipation. But once the children have graduated college, moved across the country or started their own families, empty nesters may find…

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Autumn Break in Perthshire Scotland

Watching the seasons turn never gets old. Stepping out of our hectic lives for a moment, there is something grounding about taking in the golds and reds and ambers that fill the forest, breathing in the pine scents, and listening…

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Why Book at Taymouth Marina in 2018?

Rolling hills, picturesque backdrops and breath-taking landscapes; 2018 is a year you should definitely book a holiday to Perthshire, Scotland. If that hasn’t sold you, then maybe this will... Scotland, as a whole, is any holidaymakers dream. The wild countryside…

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Dog friendly holiday in Perthshire

Dog friendly holiday in Perthshire Perthshire is the perfect destination for a family holiday and at Taymouth Marina we feel that every member of the family should be able to enjoy a visit here. For that reason, we encourage families…

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